Between coming up with neat hacks, developing open-source hardware and software, and producing educational material, I often provide contract services as a way of funding my other endeavors.

I'm particularly interested in work that develops open-source hardware or software; I also provide embedded security assessment/expertise and assist with development and architecture of embedded systems. I have a résumé available on request, but typically prefer to allow my work to speak for itself.

Notable projects include:

  • Identification and development of Fusée Gelée, a unpatchable bootrom vulnerability affecting the majority of NVIDIA's embedded system-on-a-chip offerings; and a number of Nintendo Switch vulnerabilities. See my twitter for updates.
  • Development of GlitchKit, an open-source hardware/software solution for driving fault injection systems. Watch my 34C3 talk.
  • Maintaining the open-source FaceDancer project, which provides a set of USB security tools for attacking and emulating USB hosts and devices. Check it out on GitHub.
  • Contributing and acting as a maintain on GreatFet, Great Scott Gadgets' open-source hardware security multi-tool. Check it out on GitHub.
  • Teaching a USB Security training at a variety of venues-- including a recent iteration at TROOOPERS. See a summary of a recent offering, and check out the online course materials.

In addition to the projects above, I stream hardware hacking content regularly on Twitch and YouTube, and give conference talks at venues around the world. Recent venues have included 34C3, TROOPERS, ShmooCon, ToorCon, SHA2017, and a variety of BSides.

If you have work you're interested in discussing, reach out via e-mail or contact me on Twitter.